Guillermo Franco (90') MEX 5 - USA 0

After the fourth goal was scored, a chant for CINCO! began through the crowd. While some of my American friends think that Mexico was "running up the score", I saw it as another clear indicator that Mexico was determined to win this game.

Mexico could have easily held the ball after the second or third goal, but instead they decided to continue to attack. You can't blame a team for that. Bob Bradley should have recognized this lesson after Brazil scored three (four, really) goals in 45 minutes in the Confederations Cup final.

Besides, if the tables were turned I seriously doubt that the US team would've held back scoring goals against Mexico.

Mexico took advantage of the wide open flank on the left all day long. This time Fausto Pinto received the pass and fed it to Guillermo Franco. With three US defenders nearby, Franco momentarily held the ball outside of the area. Not a second later he unleashed a powerful shot into the left corner of the net.

This goal really sums up the poor performance of the US defense that day. I can just imagine them praying for that final whistle to blow.

MEX 5 - USA 0